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07 January 2009 @ 02:25 pm

I havent updated in FOREVER - and for that I am a nOOb

OMFG. Utada's Comeback to me has just been realeased and I have had this song on repeat ALL MORNING. You rant R&B, you got it! I LOVE this song. I could totaly see this song playing on MTV. I think this english album is going to be better than Exodus (although I loved Exodus despite what others say). Comeback to me has a ballad beat with R&B backgrounds. Her voice is great in it and the lyrics are more American than her japanese songs. Her japanese songs being more poteic than this, BUT this song shows that she can "switch genere from genre" as she says in her opening in her opening son in Exodus

*That is NOT the official cover for the single. Because the cover isn't ready. I made one. There is suppose to be more than one song on it and should be playing on radio's February.

*NOT OFFICIAL. BUT I thought you might want to put it on your Ipod's or music player, because I know I have.


For more information including the track list, pictures, and download link click the cut

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